Dehydrating Potatoes Appropriately


Dehydrating Potatoes the proper way involves taking a few simple steps that are quite easy. Because the steps are not difficult, dehydrating potatoes should be fun and enjoyed. Following the steps will yield premium dehydrated potatoes at home.

Potatoes are popular staple foods in many parts of the world. Potatoes are rich sources of vitamins B6 and C. It is also rich in a number of minerals such as copper, potassium, phosphorous, niacin, etc. Appropriate dehydration ensures that these vitamins and minerals are not destroyed.

Properly dehydrated potatoes constitute a delicious and healthy snack.

Dehydrating potatoes appropriately ensures that the nutritional value of the potato is retained. Little damage is done to the enzymes and minerals present in it.

Dehydrating potatoes the right way also ensures that the shelf life of the dehydrated potatoes is drastically increased. This is particularly true if the potatoes is appropriately dehydrated.

Quick Steps in Dehydrating Potatoes

  1. Select choice potatoes for dehydration
  2. Clean the potatoes
  3. Slice the potatoes uniformly
  4. Spread the potatoes evenly on the trays of the dehydrator
  5. Switch on the dehydrator and set the temperature
  6. Dehydrate the potatoes until dry
  7. Prepare the potatoes for storage

Here are the brief description of the steps listed above.

Selecting the potatoes to be dehydrated is the first step in dehydrating potatoes. For best results, do use potatoes that are fresh or new.


After selecting the potatoes, clean them very well. This can be done simply by washing or peeling. Peeling is optional. Peeling gives more room for oxidation that leads to further coloration of the potatoes.


Cut the potatoes either 1/8” circles or a little thicker such as 1/4” slices. It should be noted that the thicker the slices are, the longer it will take to dehydrate. It is important that the cutting or slicing should be uniform. This in turn will ensure that the drying is uniform. Uneven slices will lead to different times of drying for the vegetables.

To ensure uniform slices, make use of vegetable slicer. There a large varieties of the vegetable . at the Amazon online shop. You may wish to check on the . now. Stylish or spiral slicer can be easily obtained using .



Steam blanching of the potatoes is not really optional. It is necessary to be carried out for two reasons:

One, it helps reduce the color changes of the potatoes. Potatoes are highly prone to oxidation. This causes color change of the potatoes.

Two, it helps soften the skin and surface of the potatoes which makes dehydration easier. It also makes the dehydration of the potatoes faster.

Steam blanching is best achieved by electric steamers. However, in their absence, the improvised pan-type steamer may be used. In this case, the potatoes are poured on the perforated upper section of the steamer. The potato is allowed to steam for about three to six minutes.

Blanching has the disadvantages of destroying part of the enzymes and minerals that the vegetables are rich in.

Drain off the water and allow the potatoes to cool. Use a paper towel to blot out the excess moisture.

Spread the potatoes evenly on the trays of the dehydrator. Better result is achieved if the potatoes are in a single layer and do not overlap.

Place the trays back into the dehydrator and turn it on. Set the temperature of the dehydrator at 130 degrees Fahrenheit or 54 degrees Celsius which is the best temperature for dehydrating potatoes.

Dehydrating potatoes lasts for between 6 – 14 hours. The actual time, however will depend on a number of factors. These factors will include: the thickness of the slices of the potatoes, the type of dehydrator, the environmental humidity, the water content of the potatoes and the desired level of drying. Choosing a good dehydrator helps in reducing drying time. Quality . are available on the Amazon store at best prices. You may wish to look up the . now.

If you are using shelf dehydrators, it is a good practice to rotate the trays to ensure uniform dehydration. There are quite a large varieties of the shelf dehydrators. Some examples are the Aroma professional food dehydrator and the Excalibur food dehydrator.

Start checking for dryness of the potatoes after about 5 hours.

The potatoes are dried when they become leathery. Further drying will make them brittle. It of utmost importance not to under dry or over dry the potatoes.


When the potatoes are dried, allow it to cool. Then unpack it from the food dehydrator’s tray.

The final step is to package the dried potatoes for storage.

Packaging of the dehydrated potatoes can be done using plastic food bag such as zip-loc. Vacuum seal bags may be preferable if longer period of storage is required.

Dehydrated potatoes may be stored as is after the dehydration.

Re hydrating the potato involves steps that are relatively easy and straight forward.

Re hydration or reconstitution of the potatoes is the process of allowing the dried vegetables to acquire back water. This enables the dehydrated potatoes to return to near its original size, form, appearance and color. This is possible mainly for premium dehydrated potatoes.

The potatoes may be re hydrated simply by:

Boiling of the potatoes:

Equal volumes of potatoes and water are placed in a bowl and soaked for about ten minutes.

Bring the potatoes to boil and then simmer until tender as desired.

Soaking the potatoes:

Soak the potatoes in water for at least one hour before starting to check for tenderness.

Dehydrated potatoes may also be reconstituted by cooking or by adding it straight to any recipe of your choice.


Considering the fact that potatoes are rich in essential minerals and vitamins, dehydrating potatoes efficiently is important. The simplicity of the steps in dehydrating potatoes makes it mandatory that every family should see food dehydration as very necessary.

Premium dehydration of the potatoes ensures that the rich nutrients are not compromised with.

Keeping a reasonable quantity of dehydrated potatoes at home for urgent or emergency use is important for every home.

Try dehydrating potatoes today and share your experience with the world.