Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator Review

Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator

Are you looking for one of the best beef jerky dehydrator? You have one in the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator.

You may not need to search further.


Is your goal to dehydrate meat without much stress? Then choosing the best meat dehydrator should not be

compromised with. Of course, the best is always initially more expensive. But with time, it is by far

the most cost effective.


The Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator is well suited for meat dehydration. So whether it is beef jerky or

chicken spread out on parchment, a good experience awaits you. This is because it works well.


The Aroma Housewares Professional 6 tray Food Dehydrator is known for excellent performance. Its quality

performance is not limited to meat dehydration alone.


It does well in dehydrating vegetables. Vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, peas, onions, okra, mushrooms,

carrots, broccoli, corn, etc are readily dried using the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator.


Its performance in dehydrating fruits such as apples, apricots, bananas, blueberries etc is dependable.

Other fruits like pineapples, watermelon, pears, peaches are readily

dehydrated using the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator.  Strawberries, grapes, figs,

cherries, etc are not left out. The dehydrator has a lot of features that make it a good performer.


The dehydrator is portable and also light weight. As such it can be moved from one part of the home to another with

ease. These features make it easier to carry it along if it is needed in the course of traveling.


The performance of the appliance is great as it dehydrates at a very fast rate. But it must be noted that different food

substances will require varying lengths of time for proper dehydration.

The clear front door allows one to see what is going on inside the dehydrator. The door is very easy to close and open.

This is done by simply allowing it to slide in or out of a groove. This feature is great as it enhances the economy of

space. No extra space is taking by allowing the door to swing to and fro.

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Some key features of Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator


Adjustable thermostat

Thermostat is very essential in maintaining a desired or preset temperature. Most food dehydrators of good

quality do have it. In fact, it is one of the necessary factors to consider when buying a meat dehydrator

or any food dehydrator.

The adjustable thermostat makes it easy to maintain any desired temperature in the course of operating the dehydrator.

This is usually a big plus for any such appliance. Therefore, its presence is also a big plus for the Aroma Housewares

Professional 6 tray Food Dehydrator.

When the thermostat is set at the right temperature, it ensures that your dehydrated meat comes out on top

condition. It also ensures uniform drying and outstanding finishing.

For optimum dehydration, most food substances have the temperature at which they will dehydrate best. For

example, meat will dehydrate better at 155 degrees Fahrenheit or 68  degrees Celsius.  Also,

vegetables dehydrate better at125 degrees Fahrenheit or 52 degrees Celsius.


Capacity and Adjust-ability


The Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator is a medium sized dehydrator suitable for an average family use.


The usable area of the tray dimension is 11 x 12 inches. The 6 trays provide a usable area of

approximately 5.5 square feet.

The tray height can be adjusted depending on the quantity of food to be dehydrated. The 6 removable trays can

support up to one pound of food on each tray. When there is less food to dehydrate, some of

the trays can be removed.


Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator: Silicone non stick sheets

Silicone non stick sheets


In between the height adjustable trays, plastic mesh can be placed over the top of them.


This is used to dehydrate smaller and fragile food substances such as spices and herbs.





The Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator operates on a power of 400 watts. This makes it economical to use. It

should be noted that meat dehydration or other food dehydration is quite different from cooking or toasting. This

implies that only moderate power is needed to operate the appliance. This is also an important consideration in the

light of power costs today.


Other Features of the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator


This professional grade of food dehydrator has a number of other features that make it an excellent performer. These


  • Presence of automatic fan that enhance uniform drying
  • Presence of drip tray which collects residue from the process of drying
  • Easy to clean trays
  • Large and adjustable load capacity
  • Adjustable number of meshes for delicate or sensitive dehydration (it comes with only one)
  • Height adjustable trays
  • Quiet performance


Table 1: Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator – Product Information

Product Dimensions17.7 x 3.6 x 12.4 inches 
Item Weight11.7 pounds
ManufacturerAroma Housewares
Customer Reviews4.7 out of 5 stars
Power400 Watts
 Adjustable thermostat  from 95 Degree - 155 Degree
 Timer No


The Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator has a number of other models. These include:

Aroma Housewares Dehydrator model of Aroma Food Dehydrator

Aroma Housewares Dehydrator

Aroma Housewares AFD-615 5-Tier Rotating Food Dehydrator.

It has the following features


  Revolving trays for fast, uniform drying

Vented lid for moisture control

Drip protector/collector

Dehydrates a variety of beef jerky, herbs and spices

Dehydrates fruits and vegetables for nutritious snacks

And this recent model of the Aroma Food Dehydrator

A recent model of Aroma Food Dehydrator

Aroma Food Dehydrator









Summary of Overall Reviews


The summary of the overall reviews of the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator shows that the small appliance is a

great performer. It has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars by nearly a hundred customers who bought and used

the dehydrator. About 83 percent of the users of the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator gave it a rating of 5 stars

out of the possible 5 stars.  You will likely agree with me that the product is a great one indeed.


The ease of use of the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator is great. The fact that the dehydrator works well in most

circumstances are pointed out by most users. This means that in an average circumstance, the appliance

will perform creditably.


The clear front door which allows one to see what is going on inside the dehydrator is also commended

by a number of users.


A user describes it as the “Best beef jerky ever!! We make it every week.” This assertion is not far from the truth. This

implies that if you are looking for the “best beef jerky ever” then you have one in the Aroma Professional Food

Dehydrator. You may not need to look further.


The fact that it works fast is also pointed out by a number of users who have used at least one other type. This

enabled unbiased judgement.


A number of well satisfied users noted that there was nothing to complain about concerning the product.


On the negative side, the absence of a timer on this great product is pointed out by a few users. When the thermostat

is set at the right temperature, the absence of a timer will not pose a serious challenge on the performance of the

dehydrator. This is because the temperature at which the appliance is set will not be exceeded whether there is timer

or not.

Also, if you have a particular time in mind at which you want the dehydrator to stop, can use your phone or even

wrist watch as a timer. Agreeably, this may be a little bit inconveniencing.




The dehydrator has many of the desirable qualities one could wish for in a top grade food dehydrator. If you are

deciding to eat more of raw foods which are health enhancers, this dehydrator is for you. It is among the best food

dehydrators you can give yourself.

I greatly recommend the Aroma Professional Food Dehydrator. The price is one

of the best in its class. It is portable and light and so can easily be moved from one point or place to another.

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See you at the side of dehydrating!